Bill's Books 'n' Beyond

Bill’s Books ‘n’ Beyond is a collection of poems, articles, insights, tools, exercises, and wisdom that satisfy the soul’s desire for nourishment. It is a gathering of years of inspired writings and reflections that can be used to heal a weary soul. Much of the material came from The Circles magazine which was published from the late 1970s to the late 1980s by the Dallas Fellowship, Inc., an association of Urantia Book scholars located in Dallas, Texas.

Thought Adjuster Engagement

The inner world is where we seek wisdom, comfort, and strength to take into the outer world. 

The soul is the embryo of the future continuing vehicle of personality identity.

The Afterlife

The soul is the self-reflective, truth-discerning, and spirit-perceiving part of man which forever elevates the human being above the level of the animal world.