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Rendezvous with the Great Spirit

First completed 1-8-2000  By William Cooper


The following activity invites you to use your imagination spiritually. It consists of a short story followed by five minutes of music. The object is to follow the suggestions in the story and then to imagine what the music suggests. Now sit comfortably. You may close your eyes or leave them open, whichever permits you to imagine more effectively. Let me warn you of three things: First; The story uses a Native American theme but neither the story nor the music is of Native American origin. Second; There is a long silence for reflection at the end of the music but I will guide you out of the silence and will tell you when to open your eyes. Third; The music I use is powerful and assertive. Some people expect dreamy, floating music for meditation. This music describes (without words) a significant event in the story. This whole story and music process of listening and imagining will take about twelve minutes so get in a comfortable position and relax your body and your mind. Breathe deeply and relax, and again. 

The Great Spirit Speaks 

Long, long ago there was an elderly Native American medicine woman, a spiritual person among her people. She sensed that she was approaching the end of her life and was looking forward to going to live with the Great Spirit. So she called her favorite grandson to her and said” Grandson, I need you to help me. I want to go to the high place to speak with the Great Spirit; up where it is so quiet I can hear the music of the stars and the deep musical voice of the Great Spirit and his sparkling companions and where my spirit can be heard calling to go with Him.” Because she was frail, he assembled a frame of poles and buffalo robes for his grandmother to ride on, placed it across the back of his finest pony, helped his grandmother on, and covered her with a buffalo robe to keep her warm as they ascended in the evening chill. He took her through the village, past the cooking fires and the fragrance of their smoke, past the whispering brook, through the grove of pine trees with their sweet scent, up the wide grassy way, past the great red boulders, up the steep trail where you can see your breath. Near the top of the mountain, she tells him to stop and says,” My son we will meet the Great Spirit here.” He helps her down from the frame carriage. She stands near the great rock behind her. Looking into the night sky with brilliant stars overhead, she lifts her arms to the sky and stands this way silently for minutes – and then she speaks lovingly” Oh Great Spirit, I have lived a long life. So much joy and sorrow, and through it all you have always been my guide and companion. And now I ask you to come to me once again with power and clarity. Permit my spirit to speak with yours. Let the music of your presence and the beauty of your many generous promises flood over me and transform me. Yes, Great Spirit, come.” 

[Play The Oh of Pleasure” from the album Deep Breakfast by Ray Lynch. Start the music as the word “come” is spoken in the phrase “yes, Great Spirit, come”.] 


[After music and 1 to 2 minutes of silence] 

For the rest of his life, grandson was often asked to tell the story around the evening campfire of the night the Great Spirit came with clouds of sparkling followers, (pause) all speaking in a musical language that only grandmother could understand. 

And that is the story of grandmother’s rendezvous with the Great Spirit. 

Revised 3-17-2001 


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Our Father Sits

By Kaye Cooper

Our Father sits in His place
at the center of all creation.
His reach stretches outward
beyond the farthest reach of any mind,
of any imagination.
He holds in Himself
all of what is known
and all of what might be
and all of what might be thought
or dreamt
or one day reached.
Our Father sits.
He sees, hears and knows.
He knows each and every being
in His creation.
And He knows the route of each electron. He feels the movement of every star.
He lives through every life in this universe, takes joy at every sunrise
and weeps with every pain.

Our Father shares all of this.
He feels with us
and learns the life that we lead because we share with Him.

In all of time and space
there is not one experience which He does not share
not one which He cannot find a way to use.
In all the patterns He has set for us
all the children He has sent
and all that we have shared with Him, the thread runs through:
The Father’s love is being expressed His beauty learned anew.

He shares in our adventure and listens while we learn
And smiles with a warm and loving smile
as we learn the lessons He has planned.
He lifts us up
not even step by step but smaller yet:
atom by atom replacing us
with a new divinity a new being
as shining as He.

Age upon age we live through this journey becoming that which He knows we can.
And He waits very patiently
at the center of the Universe to greet us
when at last we find Him, to welcome the being
that we have become.


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Based on information in the Urantia Book.
By Jackson Allen

THE CREATOR SON (Jesus), when on Urantia(Spirit name of our planet), spoke of the “many mansions in the Father’s universe.” In a certain sense, all fifty-six of the encircling worlds of Jerusem are devoted to the transitional culture of ascending mortals, but the seven satellites of world number one are more specifically known as the mansion worlds.


47:3.1 On the mansion worlds, the resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death. When you go from Urantia to the first mansion world, you will notice considerable change, but if you had come from a more normal and progressive sphere of time, you would hardly notice the difference except for the fact that you were in possession of a different body; the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on the world of nativity.

47:3.2 The very center of all activities on the first mansion world is the resurrection hall, the enormous temple of personality assembly. This gigantic structure consists of the central rendezvous of the seraphic destiny guardians, the Thought Adjusters, and the archangels of the resurrection. The Life Carriers also function with these celestial beings in the resurrection of the dead.

47:3.3 The mortal-mind transcripts and the active creature-memory patterns as transformed from the material levels to the spiritual are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters; these spiritized factors of mind, memory, and creature personality are forever a part of such Adjusters. The creature mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity are present in the morontia soul intrusted to the keeping of the seraphic destiny guardians. And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the Adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor.

47:3.4 If a transitory personality of mortal origin should never be thus reassembled, the spirit elements of the nonsurviving mortal creature would forever continue as an integral part of the individual experiential endowment of the onetime indwelling Adjuster.

47:3.5 From the Temple of New Life, there extend seven radial wings, the resurrection halls of the mortal races. Each of these structures is devoted to the assembly of one of the seven races of time. There are one hundred thousand personal resurrection chambers in each of these seven wings terminating in the circular class assembly halls, which serve as the awakening chambers for as many as one million individuals. These halls are surrounded by the personality assembly chambers of the blended races of the normal post-Adamic worlds. Regardless of the technique which may be employed on the individual worlds of time in connection with special or dispensational resurrections, the real and conscious reassembly of actual and complete personality takes place in the resurrection halls of mansonia number one. Throughout all eternity you will recall the profound memory impressions of your first witnessing of these resurrection mornings.

47:3.6 From the resurrection halls you proceed to the Melchizedek sector, where you are assigned permanent residence. Then you enter upon ten days of personal liberty. You are free to explore the immediate vicinity of your new home and to familiarize yourself with the program which lies immediately ahead. You also have time to gratify your desire to consult the registry and call upon your loved ones and other earth friends who may have preceded you to these worlds. At the end of your ten-day period of leisure you begin the second step in the Paradise journey, for the mansion worlds are actual training spheres, not merely detention planets.

47:3.7 On mansion world number one (or another in case of advanced status), you will resume your intellectual training and spiritual development at the exact level whereon they were interrupted by death. Between the time of planetary death or translation and resurrection on the mansion world, mortal man gains absolutely nothing aside from experiencing the fact of survival. You begin over there right where you leave off down here.

47:3.8 Almost the entire experience of mansion world number one pertains to deficiency ministry. Survivors arriving on this first of the detention spheres present so many and such varied defects of creature character and deficiencies of mortal experience that the major activities of the realm are occupied with the correction and cure of these manifold legacies of the life in the flesh on the material evolutionary worlds of time and space.

47:3.9 The sojourn on mansion world number one is designed to develop mortal survivors at least up to the status of the post-Adamic dispensation on the normal evolutionary worlds. Spiritually, of course, the mansion world students are far in advance of such a state of mere human development.

47:3.10 If you are not to be detained on mansion world number one, at the end of ten days you will enter the translation sleep and proceed to world number two, and every ten days thereafter you will thus advance until you arrive on the world of your assignment.

47:3.11 The center of the seven major circles of the first mansion world administration is occupied by the temple of the Morontia Companions, the personal guides assigned to ascending mortals. These companions are the offspring of the local universe Mother Spirit, and there are several million of them on the morontia worlds of Satania. Aside from those assigned as group companions, you will have much to do with the interpreters and translators, the building custodians, and the excursion supervisors. And all of these companions are most co-operative with those who have to do with developing your personality factors of mind and spirit within the morontia body.

47:3.12 As you start out on the first mansion world, one Morontia Companion is assigned to each company of one thousand ascending mortals, but you will encounter larger numbers as you progress through the seven mansion spheres. These beautiful and versatile beings are companionable associates and charming guides. They are free to accompany individuals or selected groups to any of the transition-culture spheres, including their satellite worlds. They are the excursion guides and leisure associates of all ascending mortals. They often accompany survivor groups on periodic visits to Jerusem, and on any day you are there, you can go to the registry sector of the system capital and meet ascending mortals from all seven of the mansion worlds since they freely journey back and forth between their residential abodes and the system headquarters…………………………..Urantia Paper #47


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